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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we absolutely serve the Bozeman Airport! We have dedicated Journey Rent-A-Car parking at the Bozeman Airport in the Carshare/Rideshare lot. (Click here to see map of parking lot). When you rent with Journey Rent-A-Car, we call it our “Arrive & Drive” experience, with NO waiting in any lines! The day of your travel, we email a secure link to your Rental Agreement, that can be signed & paid for right on your phone. No matter what time you arrive, day or night, your car will be ready to go for your trip. So, whether you are flying commercial to BZN or private using one of the FBO operators, we will have your car at the airport before your arrival.

When you pick up your vehicle at BZN in one of our parking spaces in the Carshare/Rideshare lot, the key is stored in a security lockbox that you keep during the rental. Simply return the rental back to the same spaces in that lot (or short-term parking if space is unavailable), and place the key back into the lockbox, letting us know that the car has been returned.

You may cancel at any time for any reason at no cost, but we kindly ask that you give us as much notice as possible. We only require paid deposits on reservations for premium SUVs and 15-passenger van rentals during the summer months and Christmas holidays. Outside of those times of year, we do not require pre-paid reservations. If you have pre-paid for a portion, or the full amount of the rental, you have up until 30 days from your reservation date to get a full refund. If the reservation is cancelled within 30 days or less, there is a 30% cancellation fee. A week or less notice of cancellation, the pre-payment is non-refundable.

The Bozeman Airport charges all rental car companies a 10% airport concession fee to do business at the airport, when the vehicle is checked out there. Alternatively, if the car is picked up at our office location, you would save 10% fee; in that case you may still return the car to the Bozeman Airport at no additional cost. This can offer significant potential savings to your rental charge. We recommend taking a Rideshare to our location for roughly $40 from the terminal and returning to the airport to pick up the rest of your group, to easily save big money in the summer months.

We do NOT accept debit cards or cash. On very rare occasions, we will accept debit cards with a $1,000 security deposit and a verified full coverage auto insurance policy, that is refunded to the debit card upon the return of the vehicle, minus any fees or damage possibly incurred while on rent.

The minimum age required to rent is 21 or all our vehicles. For our passenger vans, the minimum age is 25. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Yes, we require every renter and additional driver to carry their own valid “full coverage” auto insurance policy that covers them while renting our vehicle. Some credit cards provide Collision Damage Coverage, but that does not cover other people’s property when a rental driver is at fault (Liability Insurance). You must have both Liability and Collision damage coverage. If you do not own insurance or have coverage, we recommend purchasing insurance from a third-party for the period of your rental. One of those companies we have referred many of our customers to is (no affiliation or renumeration). For a complete list of our rental policies, please visit our policies page.

We have a limit of 450 miles from Bozeman that we require our cars to stay within. This covers all of Montana, Yellowstone National Park and surrounding cities, such as Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Glacier National Park, and even down to Salt Lake City and west to Spokane. Within that Proximity, there is no mileage per day limit.

While we would like to offer that as an option, we are simply not equipped to be able to provide that service. We require all vehicles to be returned either to our office location or the Bozeman Airport (BZN) location.

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