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3 Simple Things to Pack for Your Rental Car Road Trip

Clothes, snacks, and electronics always make the list when heading out on a road trip. But what are some other items to make your trip in a rental car even more comfortable? Refillable water bottles, trunk organizers, and first aid kits can go a long way in making your time in the car much more enjoyable. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Journey Rent-A-Car.

3 Simple Things to Pack for Your Rental Car Road Trip

1. Refillable Water Bottles

Although you can simply purchase bottled water when traveling, it isn’t hygienic to reuse those single-use containers. Additionally, we don’t need that extra plastic in our landfills. Once you purchase a refillable container, such as a hydro flask, you won’t go back. A great way to do this is to keep a larger jug of water in the truck or cooler and use it to fill up your water bottle.

2. Trunk Organizers

Can you picture traveling on a road trip, opening your car’s trunk, and getting your hands on what you need right away rather than digging through bags? To keep items you might need on the road but don’t want to cram in the rear seat, add one or two trunk organizers. Consider drinks, snacks, electronics, novels, and even a bag of groceries! There’s no need to constantly hear objects thud and bump in the trunk as you travel down the winding road.

3. First Aid Kit

It is easy to overlook bringing a first aid kit in your vehicle. It is, however, a very simple and lightweight item to carry for a road trip. First aid kits make a huge difference if you happen to suffer from an itchy bug bite, cut yourself while hiking, or have a minor accident. Other useful items include sterile gloves, nausea medication, and antihistamines. Just how comprehensive you want to get with the kit is up to you.

Whether you need a rental car or something larger like a van or SUV rental, Journey Rent-A-Car has you covered. With a convenient location in Bozeman, MT, we’re ready to help make your trip a smooth one. Contact us today at (406) 551-2277 to book a reservation.