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9 Winter Driving Tips for a Safe Holiday in Montana

Safe Winter Driving in SUV

The holidays are approaching quickly! You’ve booked your flights and accommodations, confirmed your SUV rental, and you’ve started planning your mountain adventures in Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding area. The team at Journey Rent-A-Car would like to share some important winter driving tips to keep you safe and help you make the most of your winter holiday.

Keeping Safe on Winter Roads

  1. Check road and weather reports. Weather can be unpredictable in the mountains; don’t get caught by surprise.
  2. Ensure clear sightlines before getting in the car. Be sure to scrape snow or ice off all of the windows and the side mirrors.
  3. Watch your speed. Don’t drive to the posted speed limit, but drive for the current road conditions.
  4. Forget using cruise control. You have less control over the vehicle when using cruise control or overdrive, so skip them when road conditions are slippery.
  5. Don’t crowd. Leaving lots of room between you and the vehicle in front of you allows for more braking time, should you need to stop quickly.
  6. Fill the gas tank more often. Keep your gas at least half-full so you won’t run out in an emergency.
  7. Be cautious around emergency vehicles and snowplows. Slow down and give them space, never trying to pass a plow on the shoulder.
  8. Keep warm clothes in the vehicle with you. Having boots, gloves, scarves, warm hat, and a jacket will help keep you warm in case of emergency or if you need to wait for roadside assistance.
  9. Don’t take unnecessary risks. If visibility is poor or roads are too slick, stay put and wait it out. While there are great reasons for choosing an SUV, like sitting higher and having better traction and control than in a rental car or van, you are still vulnerable to road and weather conditions.

Be ready for any weather Montana throws at you this winter in an SUV rental from Journey. Choose from compact, mid-size, and full-size SUVs for your mountain adventures in Bozeman and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at (406) 551-2277, or reserve online.