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Beat the Rush: Plan Your Ski Trip to Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort is a traveler’s dream come true. Montana has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire U.S., and the resort is no exception. If you’re planning a ski trip to Big Sky Resort this winter, we encourage you to make travel arrangements now. Journey Rent-A-Car can help get you there, and we also suggest checking out some of the activities in the area during your stay, in addition to hitting the slopes.

Beat the Rush: Plan Your Ski Trip to Big Sky Resort

1. Sno-Go Bike Rentals

Sno-go bikes are like second cousins to mountain bikes. It’s a great activity that people of all ages can enjoy together. Well, ages 14 and up, anyway. While the bikes aren’t motorized like snowmobiles, riding through mountains still carries risk, which is why snowboard boots and helmets are required to ride. Fear not; it’s easy to learn, and very enjoyable. 

2. Snowmobile Tours

If you prefer motorized winter activities, a snowmobile tour may be right up your alley. Several excursions go through Yellowstone. Tours and access to the park are still limited, so be sure to make a reservation well before your trip. 

3. Dog Sledding

If you’ve never been dog sledding before, why not add it as an excursion during your trip? Just picture yourself whisking through snow-covered evergreens and majestic mountains by a team of huskies. And the best part is that you don’t have to do any work. Enjoy the ride. 

4. Snow Coach

Another exciting way to experience the mountains is on a snow coach. Enjoy the beauty of nature during your ski trip to Big Sky in the comfort of a heated coach navigated by a helpful guide. Travel through Yellowstone in style and comfort as you meet other travelers and take pictures to capture wildlife and natural sites. You may get to experience spots that other tours, like snowmobiles, don’t get to travel.

5. Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides round out our exciting ways to travel the Big Sky mountains in style. This is especially fun during the holiday season or on a romantic date. 

6. Ziplining

When you think of ski trips, ziplining may not come to mind. Still, Big Sky is the perfect place to experience it. The ziplines provide some of the best views of the mountains. Scale-up 150 feet before taking off on multiple 1500-foot long zip line wire cables. Feel the rush of the wind, and fly from deck to deck on this mountain adventure. 

A Vacation To Remember 

When you plan your trip to Bozeman or Big Sky, do it in style with a rental car from Journey Rent-A-Car. Fly into Bozeman, pick up your car or SUV from us at the airport, and make your way into the wild. Adventure awaits when you call  (406) 551-2277 to reserve your car today.