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Beaverhead Rock and Clark’s Lookout State Parks

Montana has numerous state parks that commemorate special places and times in history. Two of these state parks, Beaverhead Rock and Clark’s Lookout, preserve areas that were significant to the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805, involving Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman who guided and translated for them.

Beaverhead Rock State Park

Beaverhead Rock State Park includes the natural landmark Beaverhead Rock, named for its resemblance to the head of a swimming beaver. On the expedition, Lewis recorded that Sacagawea recognized the unique rock formation and knew her relatives were nearby. Beaverhead Rock is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Clark’s Lookout State Park

Clark’s Lookout State Park encompasses the rocky hill that overlooks the Beaverhead River. During the 1805 expedition, Clark climbed the hill to get a sense of the surroundings and to document the location. Today you can make the same short hike to the top of the lookout and stand where Clark stood over two centuries ago.

Park Locations

You can visit these natural landmarks today and reflect on their importance in American history. Both state parks are located in southwestern part of the state off Montana Highway 41, close to the city of Bozeman. In your car rental from Journey Rent-A-Car in Bozeman, the 100-mile drive to Beaverhead Rock State Park would take about 1 ½ hours. From there, Clark’s Lookout State Park is another 15 miles down the highway. Going to Beaverhead Rock and Clark’s Lookout State Parks would be a great way to spend part of your Montana vacation experiencing history firsthand. Journey Rent-A-Car, located in Bozeman, Montana, is there to help you and other visitors explore the great state by providing quality car rentals, van rentals, and SUV rentals. Contact Journey today at 406-551-2277 to rent a car, or feel free to reserve a vehicle online.