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Celebrate the Beginning of Spring

Gallatin River
Photo courtesy Gallatin River Guides

Spring, aka Winter, but with More Daylight

Montana has never paid much attention to the calendar when it comes to seasons. Sure, March 20th may signal the official start of spring, but in Montana, March is still solidly in winter territory.

The odd 50-degree day taunts those of us craving warmer temps and longer days, but fun runs, green beer, spring fishing, and skiing ease the seasonal transition to prepare Montanans for our short, activity-packed summers.


Earn your Carbs

Bozeman’s Run to the Pub 10K and Half Marathon occur on March 11th. Runners who brave the weather and cross the finish line are entered to win one of four trips to Dublin, Ireland. Winners are then registered for the Dublin Marathon.


For St Patrick’s Day, travel over Homestake Pass to Butte, America. By 1900, Butte had a higher percentage of Irish and Irish descendants than any other American city. Today, Butte’s holds the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the state. Begin with Mass at St Patrick’s Church, followed by the parade in Uptown Butte. Don’t miss corned beef and cabbage, green beer, Irish step dancers, bagpipers, and the Friendly Sons of St Patrick’s dinner.

Gallatin River
Photo courtesy Gallatin River Guides

Uncrowded Casting

Montana has legendary fly-fishing, but spring fishing still flies under the radar of most visitors. With sparse crowds, hungry fish, always-beautiful scenery, and crisp, pre-snowmelt rivers, creeks and lakes, it’s amazing the secret hasn’t gotten out yet. Counteract the unpredictable weather by loading up on warm, Bozeman-made waders and other gear from Simms. Visit Big Sky’s Gallatin River Guides for recommendations on where to go and what those hungry fish are biting on.

Spring” Skiing

Don’t let the warming Gallatin Valley fool you. Of course, “spring” is in quotes here because the local ski resorts are still getting loads of pure, unadulterated snow. Bridger Bowl recently received 40” of cold smoke and Big Sky has been getting daily dumps. The best part? You don’t have to compete with too many people for face shots.