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Five Ways to Save Gas Money in a Rental

You want to spend the majority of your money on fun, food, and entertainment when you’re on vacation or on a road trip. Gas costs are now quite high, which might make any trip you may be planning difficult. Here are five money-saving suggestions from the staff at Journey Rent-A-Car.

How to Save Gas Money in a Rental Car

1. Gas Price Apps

Avoid driving around too much in search of cheaper gas as that would be counterproductive. You can download a number of gas price applications to your phone these days. These apps will keep tabs on gas costs in the area, eliminating the guesswork involved in locating the cheapest gas station.

2. Cash Discounts

Although it might be a little more cumbersome, many gas stations will give you a little discount if you pay in cash. When it comes time to fill up, check the pricing board for the “cash price,” which may be up to 10 cents less expensive per gallon in some cases.

3. Loyalty Programs

You might join a loyalty program if you’re familiar with the area you’re in or if you’ve planned your trip ahead of time and know you’ll pass by a station or store that you frequent on the route. Members of retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club receive discounted fuel prices. Additionally, there are major gas station chains with available loyalty promotions.

4. Efficient Driving

Driving within the speed limit is one of the best methods to save fuel, even though it can be difficult for certain people. The optimal range for fuel efficiency is 55 to 65 mph. It also helps to stop and accelerate smoothly and to use the cruise control function.

5. Rent the Right Car

We all want the roomiest, most comfortable vehicle possible when we travel. While it can be good to indulge in luxury occasionally, if you really want to save money on gas, you should rent the smallest, most fuel-efficient car in which you can fit. More fuel will be used by larger vehicles.

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