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Geysers—They’ll Blow More Than Just Your Mind

If you’re traveling to Bozeman, MT, sometime soon, you can’t leave without spending a day or two in Yellowstone. Reserve a car rental or van rental for your family and take the day trip of a lifetime. While only a short drive from Bozeman, you’ll feel worlds away. Home to the world’s largest collection of geysers, Yellowstone National Park is a magical land that will awe and amaze. Here you can glimpse grizzly bears, explore vibrant hot springs, and see a waterfall almost twice the height of Niagara. While all of Yellowstone is unmistakably breathtaking, the geysers produce the most dramatic show of all. How They Work Amazingly, the majority of this national park is located inside of a volcanic caldera (the crater formed after a volcanic explosion) of the largest supervolcano on the continent. While scientists estimate that the last time this supervolcano erupted was 600,000 years ago, there’s still volcanic activity underground. This activity produces heat, which furiously warms the deep groundwater. As the scalding water quickly rises to the surface, it causes the geyser to erupt. The Best Geysers to Visit Yellowstone is home to hundreds of geysers; however, some of them are dormant for decades before they erupt. The ones listed below explode the most frequently and the most predictably, which means you have the best chance of seeing them when you visit:
  • Grand Geyser: This is the tallest, most predictable geyser. It erupts every 7–15 hours, propelling scalding water up to 200 feet in the sky for several minutes.
  • Old Faithful: One of the park’s most compelling icons, Old Faithful erupts every 60–91 minutes. When it does, you’ll see 3,700–8,400 gallons of boiling water launched 106–185 feet into the air. It often lasts anywhere from two to five minutes.
  • Riverside Geyser: Blasting water 75 feet into the air, Riverside doesn’t reach the height of its two companions. However, it launches the water at an angle over the river (instead of straight up), and you can often see a beautiful rainbow form in the middle of it.
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