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Journey Rent-A-Car Celebrates Second Anniversary

In business since 2011, Journey Rent-A-Car offers customers in the Bozeman area high-quality rental vehicles. To celebrate its two-year anniversary, the company decided to integrate several new economy cars and similar-sized vehicles into its rental fleet. In honor of its second year doing business in the Bozeman region, Journey Rent-A-Car has complemented its already large fleet by adding a number of economy and compact cars. The addition of these new car rentals allows the company to serve more customers as it continues to expand into the rental market. Effectively doubling its inventory of vehicles, the company believes the new selections and its focus on customer satisfaction will continue to mark Journey Rent-A-Car as a leading local rental agency in the Bozeman area. “We are really excited to assist our customers,” said owners and managers Josh Anderson and Taylor Hartzheim. “Our ability to treat customers as family leads to our success, and the people we’ve assisted have really expressed sincere gratitude. We expect adding these new vehicles will even further our efforts to provide them with excellent customer service…”