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Make the Most of Your Rental Experience

Your first step to the best rental experience in Bozeman, MT, is to choose Journey Rent-A-Car. As a local, family-owned and –operated rental company, we give you excellent customer service and affordable car rentals. So skip the big chains, and start here. To make renting a car easy from beginning to end, we recommend a few additional rental tips. car rental

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Impromptu trips happen, we get that. However, we’d hate for you to fall prey to supply and demand during busy rental seasons. When you’re planning a trip in advance, we advise that you book your rental car as soon as possible. That way, you get the model you need at the right price.

2. Peruse the policies.

Not all rental agreements are alike. If you’re trying to decide between rental companies, check out the policies to see how they compare. Be sure to check out the rental requirements, accepted methods of payment, return policies, and potential fees. Reading the fine print is always a good idea before reserving your rental.

3. Choose elbowroom over economy.

Many customers try to squeeze into the smallest car out there in order to save a few bucks. However, they often end up feeling crammed during the entire trip. Don’t sacrifice space. Instead, rent a car or van that allows you and your passengers to travel comfortably.

4. Ask questions.

Don’t be shy when it comes to your rental experience. Get the answers you need to put your mind at ease. Any rental company worth your time and money will answer your questions and make renting a car as easy as possible. Journey Rent-A-Car can give you the rental experience you need to make the most of your vacation or business trip to Montana. To get started with your car rental, contact Journey Rent-A-Car at 406-551-2277, or you can also make a reservation online. photo credit: Bozeman, Mt via photopin (license)