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Mountain Biking in Big Sky, MT

Powering through mud, jumping massive tree roots, weaving in and out of trees — mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that demands a fast-responding body and mind. If you love mountain biking, Montana offers some of the best trails in the country. The Yellowstone Mountains loom; are you ready for the ride of your life?

Big Sky Resort

One of the nation’s most acclaimed skiing destinations in the winter, Big Sky Resort is the mecca for mountain bikers in the summer. Part of the appeal is the plethora of advanced and expert trails. The other big draw is that the resort keeps one of its ski lifts functioning throughout the summer. Taking the lift allows bikers to enjoy the ride up the mountain just as much as the ride down. This is the area’s only lift; all of the other trails require the old-fashioned way of getting up the mountain: lots of sweat and pedaling. While the majority of Big Sky Resort’s trails are for experienced riders, it also has a selection of beginner and intermediate trails for those new to the sport. You can also find more beginner trails in the surrounding national park.


If you don’t have mountain biking equipment, you can rent it at the resort. They offer the following supplies: • Bike rentals • Lift passes • Knee and elbow pads • Partial or full-face helmets The prices vary depending on how long you want to ride for, so make sure to view the rates before you go. While mountain biking is a thrilling way to explore the local forests and trails, you’ll love climbing into your car rental from Journey Rent-A-Car after an incredible — yet exhausting — afternoon of biking. Our rentals are the perfect way to get around Yellowstone, Bozeman, and Big Sky. A locally owned and operated business, is popular for its affordable rates and free delivery service with any airport car rental. In addition to rental cars, we also offer spacious van rentals. Make a reservation today or contact us at 406-551-2277. We look forward to equipping you for your trip.