Celebrate the Beginning of Spring

Spring, aka Winter, but with More DaylightMontana has never paid much attention to the calendar when it comes to seasons. Sure, March 20th may signal the official start of spring, but in Montana, March is still solidly in winter territory.The odd 50-degree day taunts those of us craving warmer temps and longer days, but fun runs, green beer, spring fishing, and skiing ease the seasonal transition to prepare Montanans for our short, activity-packed summers. Earn your CarbsBozeman’s Run to the Pub 10K and Half Marathon occur on March 11th. Runners who brave the weather and cross the finish line are entered to win one of four trips to Dublin, Ireland. Winners are then registered for the Dublin Marathon.Sláinte!For St Patrick’s Day, travel over Homestake Pass to Butte, America. By 1900, Butte had a higher percentage of Irish and Irish descendants than any other American city. Today, Butte’s holds the largest St. Patrick’s Day … Continued

Experience the Beauty of Driving Beartooth Highway

Montana is filled with opportunity for outdoor recreation. From whitewater rafting and climbing to hiking and mountain biking, the opportunities are endless. However, sometimes you get tired from all that adventure, and you want an activity that’s a bit more mellow. In case you’re in the mood to “just take a drive,” our team at Journey Rent-A-Car recommends that you cruise scenic Beartooth Highway.

Simple Living: Montana Winter Hygge

Growing up in Montana, I remember winters being more about cozy gatherings with family and friends than shopping or hitting the latest chic restaurant. We cared more about experiencing nature everyday than braggadocious adventure travel. I still shudder when I hear people talking about “bagging fourteen-ers” in Colorado, as if a journey into stunning mountain territory is more about notching a belt than encountering beauty, breathing deeply, and catching up with a good friend.So how do you explain to outsiders what it’s like to live in Montana during the winter? In a word: hygge.Hygge—Danish for “coziness” and pronounced “hoo-guh”—has been transformed by lifestyle bloggers to mean candlelight, wool socks, hearty recipes, and Pin-able tips on how to throw a party. While it includes those elements, it’s so much more. Hygge is a philosophy that embraces slowing down. It champions simplicity, balance, and living in the moment, and welcomes intimate conversations … Continued

Top 3 Spring Break Destinations near Bozeman, MT

You’re beginning to pull out the ol’ map and consider where you might want to go on spring break this year. You’ve done Southern California. Colorado has been crossed off the list. Portland, Oregon? Yep. Been there too. If you’re feeling a little stuck, why not check out these top destinations in Montana, courtesy of our crew at Journey Rent-A-Car.

Chairlifts are for Sissies: Cross-Country Skiing in Bozeman & Big Sky

Cross-country skiing: A workout with a viewWidely credited to the Scandinavians, skiing was originally utilitarian—that is, not something you did on your holiday, but rather, how you huffed and puffed your way to and from Aksel’s house through the cold, dark winter.From the Old Norse skíth, the word “ski” means “stick of wood, snowshoe.” While those old sticks of wood have evolved into high-tech recreational fun, there is still no better way to transport yourself through wild, wintry wonderlands than on cross-country skis. And the Bozeman area is a world-class Nordic destination chock-full of beautiful landscapes.There are many options for cross-country skiers, but which is right for you? My answer is “it depends.” While each suggestion accommodates classic and skate skiers, I’d say that your decision depends on your wallet, preferred drive time, scenery, and what you want to eat or drink on the way home. (Remember, it’s your own locomotion … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions, Montana Style

Happy New Year! Is it time to leave the twice-baked potatoes and Christmas cookies behind and dust off the blender for some tasty smoothie action? While New Year’s resolutions tend toward the dietary, there are better, more adventurous options out there, especially here in Montana. So tweak the stale, classic resolutions in favor of more rewarding experiences. I’ll bet your success and satisfaction rates will skyrocket. RELAX MORE Photo from Bozeman Hot Springs If, after trying any of the following options, you still need help relaxing, you can take a yoga class, learn to meditate, or just hit up a local hot springs. EXERCISE You don’t have to grunt at the gym to get your heart racing. The list is long on fun mountain alternatives: go downhill or cross-country skiing, hiking or snowshoeing, fat biking, or sledding. (Carry your kids up and down the sled hill a few times and … Continued

Share a Beer, Meet a Local: Bozeman’s Breweries

Whenever I visit a new place, I sniff out the breweries. You should do the same. Why? They’re a great way to really get to know a place and her people, specifically: (Photo Montana Brewers Association) You get a colorful history lesson from brewers who proudly name their beers in honor of local legends. (See Bunkhouse Brewery’s Placer Pilsner or Bozeman Brewing’s Plum Street Porter.) Due to size requirements, breweries are often located in interestingly obscure or up-and-coming locations that you wouldn’t otherwise visit. Your fellow patrons, whose tongues have been loosened by a couple—but not too many—beers are happy to chat and fill you in on what they really think—about anything. Bozeman is no exception. Known for being independent yet generous, adventurous yet practical, we Montanans love to share a good story over a cold beer. This enthusiasm for hop-filled story telling has had dramatic economic results. Since 2012, … Continued

Top 4 Reasons to Rent an SUV

You’ve been mulling over your car rental decision, and you just can’t decide whether a car, SUV, or van is the right vehicle for your trip to Montana. There’s a lot to consider, especially if you’re traveling with anyone else. If you’re leaning toward an SUV, let our team at Journey Rent-A-Car give you a few reasons why that might be the right choice for you.

3 Montana Destinations for Fall Break Fun

The beginning of the school year can be a chaotic time for any family. The increased number of activities, school projects, and bus schedules can become a little hairy. By the time October or November rolls around, you’re ready for a little fall getaway to enjoy some time together and breathe. As you’re planning your fall excursion, be sure to consider these three Montana destinations, picked especially for you by our Journey Rent-A-Car crew. 1. Yellowstone National Park You can never go wrong with a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Even if you’ve been there a thousand times before, the wildlife, the trails, and the views never get old. Yellowstone is just over two hours from Bozeman, MT, which makes an easy day trip or weekend adventure for your family. 2. Museum of the Rockies Located right in Bozeman, MT, the Museum of the Rockies is a great attraction if … Continued

How To Choose the Right Van Rental

You sit down with your laptop to book a minivan rental for your Montana vacation. You think, “No sweat. This will take only a minute.” But as you begin to browse car-rental companies and all the van options, your head starts to swim. Just how are you supposed to choose the right one? Don’t panic. You CAN do this. All you need are a few tips to guide you to just the right rental.