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SUV Rental vs. Minivan Rental

When planning a trip, the rental car you choose will have a big impact on your overall experience. You don’t want something too small, too costly, or incapable of tackling the terrain. This is especially true when traveling with a group. Groups generally opt for an SUV rental or a minivan rental. Continue reading to learn more about each option from Journey Rent-A-Car.

SUV Rental vs. Minivan Rental

SUV Rental

SUVs give passengers the flexibility to retrieve their belongings while riding along. Luggage is out of the way rather than squished next to you in your row or sitting at your feet. SUVs also offer the feeling of riding in a car while being designed to handle more difficult terrain.

If you’re traveling to a campsite or visiting a national park, a conventional SUV gives you the capacity to manage bad weather with ease, and it allows for smooth turning capability and safe driving along muddy or snow-covered roads. You get the advantages of renting an SUV while still enjoying the nice ride of a smaller car because the responsive steering in an SUV is comparable to that of a sedan.

SUVs have a little higher ground clearance than other vehicles, which improves visibility for the driver and makes driving safer. Passengers also have a better field of vision. The same raised body also makes it safer to cross over obstacles like stones and other uneven terrain-related obstacles.

Minivan Rental

A minivan is full of convenience features, such as sliding side doors and lots of cup holders. Dual climate controls for front and back passengers, a stereo, plenty of storage, and more are available.

Renting a vehicle shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, the minivan is a smart choice for a larger vehicle rental. Whether you’re driving in the city or along the highway, it has good fuel efficiency.

Minivans were designed with comfort in mind. You don’t want to feel cramped inside a small vehicle, whether you’re just visiting Bozeman or you have a full, adventurous road trip planned. Enjoying the roomy minivan is easy, as it can seat up to seven people. It’s ideal if you’re organizing a family vacation or a group work trip. Additionally, for added comfort, the seats in our minivans are plush and supportive.


In the end, both SUV rentals and minivan rentals are excellent choices. The ultimate deciding factor comes down to comfort or more ruggedness. If you plan to take your family on a trip that only requires highway travel, then a minivan is right for you. If you’re setting off with a larger group to explore the wilderness, opt for the SUV.

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