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Pictograph Cave State Park in MT

Located in Billings, MT, Pictograph Cave State Park makes a great stop on your van rental adventure in Montana (the drive is about two hours from Bozeman, MT). Pictograph Cave State Park has been a National Historic Landmark since 1964 due to its archeological significance, and visitors can take a look into the unique history and geography of Montana. The state park’s main attraction is, of course, Pictograph Cave. According to the MT State Parks website, “prehistoric hunters who camped in Pictograph Cave left behind artifacts and over 100 pictographs, or rock paintings. The oldest rock art in the cave is over 2,000 years old.” Visitors enjoy taking the 1/4 mile trail loop that leads through Pictograph Cave as well as Ghost Cave and Middle Cave. You will likely want to stay a while in each cave, trying to decipher for yourself what these unique markings meant to some of Montana’s early residents. Many of the drawings are still highly debated among experts. Note that you will want to bring binoculars to see some of the markings, since many are off the trail and deep in the cave. Your binoculars will also come in handy for bird-watching, a recommended activity within Pictograph Cave State Park. If you have a creative eye, you will also want to bring your camera; the area provides some very picturesque opportunities. Another activity you can enjoy is the Visitor’s Center. You can explore the many interpretive displays about Montana and the region, or browse the gift shop for a memento. You may also want to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy under one of the many shelters. Park hours vary based on the season. For Montana residents, entrance fees into the park are waived; non-residents must pay a minimal $5 fee per vehicle (so pack as many people as you can into your van rental). For quality car and van rentals to get you around Montana, contact Journey Rent-A-Car of Bozeman, MT. You can call our office at 406-551-2277 or fill out our online contact form. Our friendly and reliable staff will gladly give you a free quote and answer your questions about reserving a van rental for your trip to Pictograph Cave State Park.