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Top 3 Ways to Plan the Perfect Getaway

If you’ve chosen Bozeman, MT, for your next great adventure, you’re well on your way to planning the perfect vacation. However, at Journey Rent-A-Car, we also know that getaways don’t just happen by magic. They take some preparation to make sure you enjoy yourself from beginning to end. To help you get ready, consider these top travel tips.

Montana Vacation Tips

1. Establish a vacation budget.

We know from experience just how easy it is to spend more money than intended while on vacation. The most sure-fire way to overspend is to never set a vacation budget. If you don’t set aside a specific amount, it’s easy to do. So do yourself a favor, and avoid post-vacation stress by determining how much money you can afford to spend while on vacation.

2. Pick the perfect party.

Who do you want to take along on your vacation? Does the perfect getaway include your kids and the pets? Or are you in need of some alone time, a little respite from the daily grind? Before you start planning, determine exactly what type of vacation you want and who you want to take along (or not).

3. Nail down big decisions.

For many people, vacation means not scheduling yourself down to the minute. You want to leave room for rest and spontaneity. We get it. However, you’ll do yourself a favor to get your big decisions made in advance. Therefore, go ahead and determine where you plan to go (Bozeman, Yellowstone, etc.), where you want to stay (hotel, RV rental, a tent, and so on), and how you’re going to get there (van, car, or SUV). Also, if there’s a particular excursion or activity you do not want to miss, be sure to make those reservations as well.

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photo credit: public domain via pixabay